Harlow & Gilston Garden Town have received funding for a fleet of eCargo bikes that will enable local council services to move away from traditional van and car use and towards active and sustainable travel.

Arriving in Harlow this summer, the eCargo bikes will have a container for transporting goods and an electric motor to assist with pedalling.

Given Garden Town status by the Government in 2017, Harlow & Gilston will create four new neigbourhoods by 2033 with investment being made in an accessible, frequent and sustainable transport network that connects people across the Garden Town.

New and improved walking and cycling routes in the Garden Town will complement the new network encouraging ‘active travel’ which is beneficial for both residents and the environment.

Speaking about the eCargo bike funding from Energy Saving Trust, the Garden Town’s Active Travel expert David Burt, commented: “Harlow has an extensive network of walking and cycling routes so, with the right investment and support, there is exciting potential for more of us to use this network on our daily journeys.

“The fleet of eCargo bikes will make an important contribution as the Garden Town develops and a more innovative and sustainable town wide transport network is established.

“We’re looking to inspire residents, local businesses and organisations to follow our lead and use active travel for day-to-day activities.

“Having eCargo bikes on the ground so early in the Garden Town project will also influence current and future travel and transport infrastructure development.”

The fleet of eCargo bikes will feature two and three wheel models from well regarded Danish cargo bike makers Christiania and Larry vs Harry.

The bikes will be used by Garden Town partner, Harlow Council, for mail and equipment deliveries, environmental crime enforcement, patrolling public spaces and community safety and engagement.

David added: “We’ve seen a rise in the number of people cycling during the pandemic and research shows positive links between cycling, mental and physical health and wellbeing.

“Harlow’s existing cycle and walking network largely runs through the town’s parks and playing fields and using these open spaces as part of your journey, even for just a short time each day, have been shown to improve your happiness and wellbeing.”