You might have heard that electric cargo bikes are coming to Harlow and Gilston Garden Town to support a move away from cars and vans and towards more sustainable and active forms of transport.

And last month saw the Garden Town launch a competition asking Harlow residents to name the four new eCargo bikes which will feature a container for transporting goods and an electric motor to assist with pedalling.

Name suggestions for the bikes have now been submitted and are being shortlisted by a panel of judges before the public will vote on their favourite ones.

The name that receives the most public votes will earn £150 in cycling shop vouchers for the resident that suggested it. Should there be a tie then our judges will decide the winner.

The four names with the most votes will be branded on the ecargo bikes so they can be identified when cycling around Harlow.

Shortlisting the nearly 100 names that were submitted will be done by our amazing Harlow judges. Check out their stories below to see why they are looking forward to seeing e-cargo bikes in Harlow.

To vote for your favourite name make sure you check out the HGGT social media channels where the names will be posted on Friday.

Twitter – @HGGTofficial

Facebook – @HGGTofficial



Hi, I’m Ellie and I study BTEC Science at Harlow College as well as being a Student Ambassador. In my free time I like to read and have fun with my friends as well as watch my favourite tv shows.

Before lockdown I attended a Climate Change rally in London. Taking part in the rally made me realise the importance of the world and the impact climate change is having on the planet. I also realised how many small things people can change in their lives can help to heal the world.

This rally also made me an avid supporter of any movement to make transport more environmentally friendly and I believe that a E-cargo bike will help the College greatly to both speed up certain workings and transportation but to also fight against the pollution which is created every day by cars and motorcycles. The E-cargo bike is a small change which will have a large impact on the College’s carbon footprint and the daily life of those working and studying at the College.


My name is Trudie Baker and I am a Project Assistant for the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town.  I was born and bred in Harlow and still live here to this day.

I believe the advent of the E-Cargo bikes dawns a new way of travelling, reducing pollution and hopefully congestion in Harlow.  I think companies that get on board with this innovative way of working should be in the forefront of our visions.


My name is Peace and I am currently studying Health and Social Care at Harlow College. I am a Student Ambassador as well as a Digital Ambassador at the College. I am ambitious and driven, I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself. During my free time I enjoy playing tennis and being creative.

There’s not many things more polluting than driving cars each day. Many Harlow College students ride their bike to college. Cycling is an incredible way of getting exercise and fresh air, it helps clear the mind, while improving the mood. It’s a great way of avoiding sitting in traffic jams, reducing carbon emissions.

Having an E-cargo bike scheme on the campus would make the College more eco-friendly. These bikes are known to be highly versatile and an efficient method of transporting loads. Having the E-cargo bike on campus would be a huge help with easily transporting items between different sites of the College.


Well…. I can tell you that I have worked for HDC for 30 years and had a variety of jobs over this period of time including being a Shepherdess at Pets Corner which is a small Town Farm situated in the Town Park in Harlow. Which was the home of a winning team of Suffolk Sheep which we would show all over the Country we also had a some very clever Ponies & Horses that also used to compete and were too also very successful.

I then became a Traveller Liaison Officer and managed the two permanent traveller sites in Harlow.  I then ventured into the world of “Housing “.  A Career choice that has covered a wide range of areas , to which has enabled me to become a Community Safety Team Leader dealing with ASB (anti-social behaviour) and being very aware to try and prevent ASB from taking place.

The team consists of 12 members of staff which include Enforcement Officers to Community Rangers who patrol the many open green spaces that promote Harlow along with its network of cycle tracks, woodlands and Parks and many public open spaces and not forgetting the 5 Paddling Pools and a Splash Park.

Which leads me nicely onto why  I believe that the eCargo bikes would be very well used and a fabulous bit of kit.. Members of the team will be able to patrol cycle tracks and woodland pathways and be visual for members of the public to promote wellbeing and to also prevent crime on the cycle tracks.