Current Position Opportunity
Flexible Working 6.9% of the working population works at or mainly from home Better Digital broadband and 5G to support more home working
Walking and Cycling Harlow has a reasonably good walking and cycling network – with some missing links, outdated facilities and conflicts with busy roads

16% of Harlow’s residents walk or cycle to work

Update the existing walking and cycling network, fill in its gaps and reduce conflicts with motorised vehicles

Links to be provided with new communities

Provision of attractive and direct walking and cycling routes along the new Public Travel Routes (Sustainable Transport Corridors)

Buses Harlow has around 40 daytime bus routes, run by six operators.

Good local network in Harlow via the Bus Station – but this means cross town journeys often require a change of bus.

Links to nearby towns are more limited.

Provision of rapid and reliable services along the Public Travel Routes (Sustainable Transport Corridors)

More direct, frequent and integrated bus services to a range of destinations

Exploration of innovative and on demand services

Introduce more bus priority measures to help avoid delays and congestion

Rail Harlow’s railway stations are on the northern edge of the town. A long way and hard to reach from some neighbourhoods and workplaces. Improve sustainable routes from the town centre to the railway stations

Improve rail stations and services on the West Anglia Main Line

Roads Parts of the network, particularly the A414 (Fifth Avenue, Edinburgh Way) are reaching or are over capacity.

Private vehicles represent a high proportion (75%) of commuter trips in the town.

There is widespread availability of affordable and privately controlled parking, which encourages lots of local car trips.

Increased road use is having a harmful impact on Air Quality

Better Digital broadband and 5G to support flexible working

Provision of Public Travel Routes (Sustainable Transport Corridors) to offer efficient and affordable alternatives

Some infrastructure investment to improve wider connections (eg M11 Junction 7A and a second River Stort crossing)

Consider opportunity for a Workplace Parking Levy